This video from 2006 provides a short introduction to Sufi Islam, which emphasizes the inward, spiritual search for knowledge of God. It looks at the historical development of Sufi orders and the core concepts of their mystical approach. This shows a very different side of Islam from what is often depicted in the media.

Islamic Mysticism:
An Introduction to Sufi Islam

This video celebrates the establishment of the Chair in Islamic Studies at the University of Alberta in 2006. It explores what this position means to Muslims and the wider community in Edmonton and Canada. It also provides a historical exploration of the rich and diverse intellectual traditions of Muslim civilizations.

Advancing the Islamic Intellectual Tradition

"Alberta Moments" are short Public Service Announcements (PSAs) that aired on television, covering topics such as Alberta's political beginnings, petroleum industry, and Metis, Franophone, and Ukranian heritage. These were produced by the Heritage Community Foundation, where Aleem Karmali worked as a video editor, and also contributed to writing, researching, and camera work.

Alberta Moments: Public Service Announcements

Crescent Productions has worked on various educational documentary projects, with a selection of videos below. Unfortunately, several recent projects are not currently available online, including The Ismaili Centres, Heritage & Homage: The Jubilees of the Ismaili Imamat, Breaking the Cycle of Poverty, Engaging Youth in Disaster Preparedness, Transmission, and Home Away From Home. Some of our older educational, creative, and corporate projects are available on YouTube.

This short documentary explores the significance of the various park and garden projects globally undertaken by the Ismaili Imamat, including their role as spiritual and communal spaces, in environmental stewardship, their capacity to act as springboards for economic development, and their role as educational spaces to teach about the rich diversity and heritage of Muslim cultures and civilisations. The film was produced by Aleem Karmali for the Aga Khan Development Network.

Islamic Gardens:
Catalysts for Change